Sunday, April 19, 2015

Entry 1

June 5, 2034

        My name is Damian and if your reading this than I'm glad some people are still out there. It has been at least a year since the outbreak in Buffalo NY.  We have been surviving on mainly caned foods we can find. We ran out of our food two weeks after the city shut down. After the first week I knew we were on our own. This was a devastating moment but not surprising. It's weird being in the city and not seeing many real people. Today was a great day because I finally found two people who were taking refuge in a old local shop. I don't think they fully trust me but they would be a great addition to my group. One of them was a doctor which is great and the other one was a cop before the outbreak. There names were Alexander (the doctor) and Emily (the cop).  This is it for this entry but I will be back tomorrow. Good luck and stay alive.

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